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After learning that her brother-in-law is terminally ill, a woman struggles with revealing the news to her girlfriend; his sister.

Jean-Christophe is visiting his sister in America for the last time. He has been dying of cancer for the last six months, but she doesn’t know it. As his sister Noemi leaves for work on the last morning of his visit, he chooses to keep the news to himself only to reveal it to her girlfriend, Samantha after Noemi leaves.

Struck by the news, Samantha encourages Jean-Christophe to tell Noemi himself. They quarrel about his decision to withhold the information up to the point where his cab to the airport arrives. As Jean Christophe is leaving he hands Samantha a letter and asks that she not give it to Noemi until he passes.

!That night, as Noemi returns from work, Samantha cannot stand keeping the secret from her. Before she make her decision to tell her, Noemi receives a phone call from Jean-Christophe.

Written by Kristina Denton & Pierre ZonZon

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